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Welcome to the home page of the Fightin' Words Radio Network. FWRN is a seven days a week network. The network is unique as it covers sports, music and even politics occasionally. Here you will be able to get an overview of the network and all of it's shows. Also included is a link to the networks blogtalk site, in which you will find the player that will play the most current show on the Fightin' Words Radio Network, as well as listing archives of past shows. Should you miss a show, All of the FWRN shows are available to listen as an archive.




Fightin' Words Radio Network Shows Schedule

(All Show Times Shown Are EST)


Monday 7-9 PM - San Clemente Punk (Music)

Tuesday 8-9 PM - Big Dog Radio (Boxing/MMA/Music)

Wednesday 7-9 PM - Sports Tonight W/Tommy G (All Sports)

Thursday 7-9 PM - Metal Score (Sports/Music)

Friday 8-10 PM - All Hail Hair (80's Metal)

Saturday 6-7 PM - Fightin' Words Radio Show (Boxing/Sports)

Sunday 7-9 PM - The Scotty Hayes Show (All Sports)




For a description of each show and it's hosts, see the "Shows" page on this website. Every show on the FWRN is dedicated to the men and women serving in the armed forces, law enforcement and